Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artwork & Upload Questions

My upload Failed on your submission form...what gives?
Our artwork submission form only accepts files that are a maximum of 25 MB.

But no worries! If you have a larger piece of art, simply email us and we’ll provide you with a Dropbox link to help you upload your larger art files!

What size does my art file need to be?
For our on-demand print process, your artwork needs to be a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.

Our graphic artists will fit your high-resolution artwork into our print template depending on the specifics of your order.

Best of all, if your uploaded art files are the wrong resolution or dimensions, we’ll shoot you an email to resolve the issue promptly!

Have a look at our file specifications page for more information about your submitted artwork.

What file types do you accept?
Our print process can work with PNG, JPEG or PDF file types.

However, we’re happy to work with you and your organization if you have a different file that you need converting.

Have a look at our file specifications for more information.

I have a custom project for you with complex artwork, can we work outside of your upload form?
Yes, of course!

We’re always happy to help with any custom project.

Simply e-mail us with your project details and we will assist you every step of the way!

Our Apparel

What types of apparel do you offer?
We offer a wide variety of t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweatshirts for custom printing projects.

Have a look at our Apparel page for more detailed information on the options we currently offer for your on-demand print project.

Do you offer womens and youth styles?

We offer Mens, Womens, and Youth styles in both our classic and fitted t-shirt styles.

Our long sleeves and sweatshirts are unisex styles.

Have a look at our Apparel page for more detailed information on the options we currently offer for your on-demand print project.

How many shirt colors do you offer?
We offer over 20 colors for your project on all classic and fitted t-shirts.

We have 5 colors options for long sleeves and sweatshirts.

You can choose up to 5 colors per order!

To view our available shirt colors, please visit our Apparel page.

To select your colors for your order, please visit our Get Started Page!

Ordering Information

I don't see anywhere to pay for my t-shirts on your website, what's up?
That’s right! At Hassle Free T-shirts, we’ve simplified the process of custom t-shirts.

Once you submit your art and order details to us, our team will prepare your order for purchasing via

Once your order is ready, our team will email a completely private email purchasing link exclusivelty for your project.

From there, you can use your existing account to securely place your order!

Simple. Efficient. Hassle-Free

When do I select my shipping options?
The best part about our process is that your ordering will actually take place all on

Once we deliver you with your private purchasing link, you can order as many shirts as you wish, with no minimums or setup fees, choosing shipping options within’s checkout process.

Best of all, your order is eligible for free shipping with your Amazon Prime account!

What if I want to order more shirts in the future?
We keep your private purchasing link active for up to six weeks after your first purchase.

If you need the same order many months down the road, simply email us and our team will reactivate your private purchasing link for easy purchasing of new shirts.

What if there's a problem with my shirt?
Mistakes in the printing process can happen.

But not to worry. With Hassle Free T-shirts, you can simply return your shirt via your account for a full refund.

Completely Hassle Free!

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Any order made with us is eligible for Free 2-day Shipping via Amazon Prime!

Simply login to your Prime account prior to accessing the private link we send you!

Content Policies

I got my design off of the internet, can I use it?
It totally depends where and how you got it!

Our content policy is very strict. We don’t print any design that is not wholly owned by you or your organization.

You must own all rights to reproduction of your design for us to complete your order.

We reserve the right to deny service for any design if it does not comply with our terms of service.

Please have a look here for more information.

I don't own my content, can I use it?
Unfortunately, no you can’t.

Our terms of service dictate a strong family-friendly content policy. You must own your content wholly for us to print your custom apparel project.

I have content of a questionable nature, can you print it for me?
Unfortunately, no we can’t.

Our terms of service dictate a strong family-friendly content policy.

Your artwork must be family-friendly for us to print your custom apparel project.

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